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Welcome Message

Dear colleagues and friends,
Warm greetings from Hanoi Open University and we welcome you to the international seminar on Open and Distance Learning in Southeast Asian nations held in Danang City, Vietnam.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we have a great pleasure and honour to announce that the international seminar that will eventuate in October from 26 to 28, 2012, is co-organized by Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Open Learning Center (SEAMEO SEAMOLEC) and Hanoi Open University (HOU).
Since its establishment on 27 February 1997, SEAMEO SEAMOLEC has always been pursuing the vision of becoming a centre of expertise in open and distance learning in the region. Hanoi Open University, founded in 1993 under the Decision of Prime-Minister of Vietnam, has officially become a full member of Asian Association of Open University (AAOU) since 1999.
The theme of the international seminar is “Southeast Asian Open and Distance Learning in the 21st Century”. Realizing that open and distance learning (ODL), an innovative approach to education, is becoming more popular around the world, especially in this region: Asia, ODL should be seen as an effective strategy for improving human resource in quality and capability wise. With this in mind, this international seminar aims to enhance Southeast Asian Open and Distance Learning in terms of technology, quality assurance and partnership among Southeast Asian nations.
In order to bring the theme to life, this seminar will focus on these following three major aspects: ODL Technology, ODL Quality Assurance, and Partnership in ODL among Southeast Asian nations in this century.
I also hold the view that this international seminar is going to be a meaningful avenue for all participants to exchange ideas and experiences in carrying out ODL.
The seminar will be organized in Danang City, the location of the most beautiful beaches and sceneries in Central Vietnam, such as Ba Na Hill and  Hoi An ancient towns.  Participants are to arrange the post-seminar time to take part in one-day free tour to these exciting places.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we hereby, would like to extend our invitation to all colleagues and friends who are interested in the above mentioned theme to attend this international seminar.
We look forward to seeing you all and share your opinions to effectively spread ODL through-out the Southeast Asia region and the world as well.
With our best wishes,




Dr. Gatot Hari Priowirjanto
Dr. Le Van Thanh